Punctuality is prominently preferred

Ian Page, Senior Writer

This thanksgiving I am especially thankful for the teachers this year for updating skyward and entering grades promptly and correctly. I don’t mean to call out any teachers or make it seem like this problem covers every single educator at Liberty High School but from my experience in high school some teachers are not very punctual with grading and entering assignments. This year has thankfully been different; all of my teachers regardless of class period, subject, or block day have been amazingly punctual, extremely fair and have entered all grades on time without question. This has allowed me to stay directly on top of my school work for this semester and it’s providing me with some of the best grades I’ve had while at Liberty. If teachers enter all grades on time I can easily and efficiently work to get in missing assignments, fix potential grading errors and know what I have to work on in order to make my time during my final year here at LHS way more successful. I’m also getting the feeling that my teachers are working just as hard as I am this year and it’s a really nice feeling to know that you aren’t alone in the trials and tribulations that come with trying hard in school. So I would like to thank all 7 of my teachers for working their hardest while living their own lives to get all of my assignments into the gradebook. It’s an amazing and welcome change from my previous years.