Liberty’s Choir: Number one on the risers, and in my heart

Lorrin Johnson, Feature Editor

Its October, the weather is relatively cold, and I’m approaching the school, having just retrieved something from my car. Suddenly, my ears perk up; I get this fiery sensation in my chest that I can’t quite distinguish. I listen closely. I soon recognize the sound to be Christmas music, and I consequently realize Christmas cheer is being conjured up in my heart.

I turn to my left, and my eyes rest upon the glory that is the Liberty choir. Elegantly formulating Christmas lyrics whilst spreading smiles and happiness, the choir quickly becomes number one on my list of “Reasons to be thankful for Liberty High School” (tied only with band, dual-flush toilets, eight period schedule, every person that attends/works here…).

The zealous passion of choir teacher Robin Wood can only be topped by the pure magic that seems to extend from her fingertips, to the mouths of her singers, and then back out again all performed in the fashion of an electromagnetic-lightning bolt equipped super hero.

The intoxicating sounds extending beyond the walls of the choir room can only be compared to the sirens’ beckoning of sailors; the voices of angels consistently cause me to gravitate towards the mysterious room and listen in awe as I realize students- actual people I walk the halls with- are producing the glorious sounds.

My depiction of the choir may seem outrageously romanticized or even weirdly obsessive, but there is no denying the awesome talents of the liberty choir. With multiple students attending All Nationals, and numerous awards won at competitions, it’s clear that the Liberty Choir is giving other choirs a run for their monody (some type of music term—you can look it up).

I seem to continuously send my thanks towards groups of the fine arts variety: last year was band, this year the choir. Perhaps I’m just eternally thankful for those who do best what I cannot do at all, or perhaps we really do just have the finest of the arts here at Liberty.

So, this Thanksgiving, I send a heaping portion of thanks towards Liberty’s choir. Thank you for warming my heart, appeasing my ears, and putting a smile on my face that is normally reserved for events in which ice cream is involved.