Friendships are freakin’ fantastic

Nate Jarvis, Sports Editor

Throughout the past couple of months I have never really realized how important friendships could be. I thought that if you had a personal problem that was your problem to deal with. You shouldn’t bother your friends with your problems because they have problems of their own that they have to deal with. I learned very quickly that your friends really do like to help you with your issues, and for this I am truly grateful.

I want to thank all of those who helped me along when the times in my life weren’t going as planned. All of the times my life decided to just fall off a cliff, my true friends stood beside me and kept me from falling. I thank all of you who went out of you way to help me in my times of need because without you I don’t know how I would really feel today. You all made me realize that there is a bright side to things and not let me feel like the world was out to get me.

It was hard sometimes when people told me that good things come to those who wait, it sucks when they say this because patience isn’t a part of my personality. But the constant love that I have received was the best thing a friend could ever do for me in my time of need. I can’t seem to put into words the emotions I am feeling while I thank my friends but I can say is your love and support has helped me more than I think any of you might think.