Friday night football games

Kasey Winter, Staff Writer

It’s Friday night and you have nothing to do. Your options are to stay home with your mom and watch romantic comedies or go out with your friends and have fun at a loud, exciting, crowded high school football game surrounded by sweaty people. Your choice is obviously the game. You get there to find all you friends have taken up the row of bleachers so you awkwardly stand below them on the steps. The cheerleaders chant the patriot beat and you quickly have to find a place to put everything that’s in your hands away so you can clap. You finally put everything down and find that the cheer is over. So far the night is not going as planned. As the game goes on it get colder and darker and you want to go home. You call your mom to come pick you up and all she can here in the background is cheering fans and the band spiritedly playing and assumes it’s a butt dial and hangs up. You are stuck there until the end of the game. Its third quarter and we are up by 6. The game gets more exciting and now you’re pumped. The crowd gets louder, the cheers are more intense, and you are finally having fun! 30! 20! 10! TOUCHDOWN! The crowd roars screaming “WE BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN! WE BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!” There’s one play left and the opposing team has the ball. “Hike” and the ball is snapped. The QB has the ball looking for a pass when Liberty’s defense comes and tackles him. The crowd screams and you finally realize why you came; for the excitement of the game. Thank you Liberty football team for providing entertainment on a Friday night.