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Backpage Profile: Pumpkin spice kid

November 9, 2017

You wake up to a text alert from Starbucks: “Pumpkin Spice season is back!” You’ve waited all year for this day, and you’re prepared to make the most of it. After changing into your pumpkin-themed orange outfit and spritzing yourself with pumpkin spiced fragrance, you head out. A pit stop...

Backpage Profile: Holding on to summer kid

November 9, 2017

With wind rustling the trees and grey clouds blanketing the sky, you wake up and immediately check the weather on your phone. “High of 40, low of 30” it reads. “Perfect! I know exactly what I’ll wear!” you say while putting on a pair of board shorts and tank top. “It’s pouring rain....

Get to know your Liberty cults

November 9, 2017

Here at Liberty, we are one. We encourage students to join clubs, participate in activities, and make friends. However, some groups take this more seriously than others, earning spots on the Liberty Cult Watch List. Let’s get to know the Liberty cults! Cross Country The Cross Country cult preaches co...

Schools crack down on dabbing and bottle flipping epidemic

November 9, 2017

Car accidents. House fires. Gunshot wounds. Dabbing. Bottle flipping. What do these all have in common? Their extreme danger. This is why Liberty’s handbook video has banned dabbing and bottle flipping on premises, for fear of the incredibly harmful side effects of these actions. Studies have shown...

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