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Black Student Union at Multicultural Night

Earth is a floating rock catapulting through space. It’s hard to believe that each of the 8 billion people on it have a unique culture and point of view– but it’s true! To celebrate cultural differences at our school, Liberty students held Multicultural Night on May 24 to celebrate some cultural differences at our school.

In fact, Black Student Union, or BSU, showcased their own booth last Friday at Multicultural Night.

“I feel pretty excited to represent my culture at Liberty. It’s an honor,” BSU president and senior Minot Elias said. “I’m very supportive and advocative for my culture.”

Elias ran a booth about his country, Ethiopia, and also helped with BSU’s board.

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“My board contains fabrics and food, like sambusa,” Elias said. Sambusa is an Ethiopian pasty that contains a crispy wrapping stuffed with lentils.

Alongside that, Elias displayed coffee, and how it goes from the green bean to the actual coffee drink. He followed up with a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony with an Ethiopian coffee pot, called a Jebena.

“It’s to show how coffee has more history than just the drink,” Elias said.

BSU had its board set up with games and bracelets, and members presented a poster board with information on the club and black figures in history.

“Our main purpose of BSU is to unite the black students at Liberty because there are so few of us.,” junior Angelia Pinto said. “Not only are there African American students here, but others, such as Ethiopian students, or Nigerian, or Dominican, or half Mexican. We do our part and are trying to do what we can to stick together and really make our culture shine”

The second annual multicultural night was a great way to facilitate the cultural sharing that happens between the students at Liberty.

“The purpose of multicultural night is to celebrate and recognize cultures,” senior and organizer Nidhi Achanta said. “I wanted to start it because I met students who are so involved in their culture who don’t have opportunities to share it at school.” 

“I would describe multicultural night as a night where different cultures and communities come together as one to explore and learn about each other,” Elias said. “It’s a cool way to showcase peoples’ heritage.”

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Gracie Aryal
Gracie Aryal, Staff Writer
Gracie Aryal is a sophomore at Liberty High School and a staff writer for the Patriot Press. She enjoys going down Wikipedia rabbit holes and spending time with friends.