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Aashna Sikka’s Pawsitively Delicious Barkery

It’s the cusp of spring, and Hogan, an old black Cockapoo, is turning seventeen. He’s hungry for a cake. His owner discovers a local dog treat bakery and receives a healthy sweet potato and honey cake, which becomes Hogan’s new favorite treat. 

This local bakery is The Barkery by Aashna, run by Liberty’s own sophomore Aashna Sikka. She started her barkery back in 2020, during the months-long boredom many teens felt during the pandemic. What started as a couple cupcakes for her friends’ dogs, has become birthday cakes and treat baggies.

“It’s really relaxing in a way because it’s something very separate from something like y equals mx plus b and school, and it’s just something I can have fun with,” said Sikka.

Sikka even has her own taste tester for the treats she makes: her white Terrier, Dash. Being a dog owner herself, she’s learned not only what dogs like most, but what dogs need most in their diet.

“If it has a pantry life of more than five years, then it’s probably not something that you should be feeding your dog,” said Sikka. “Every treat I make has ingredients that humans could and would eat as well.”

These dog-friendly ingredients can range from carrots and sweet potatoes to eggs and peanut butter, and each one is healthy for the dogs too. 

While the idea of owning a self-made business at age of fifteen may seem scary, Sikka enjoys doing it and believes that it is more manageable than others think. Coming up with recipes is like coming up with an essay, and just as she keeps her homework organized, she can do the same thing with her orders.

“As long as I get the orders five days in advance, then I’m able to go back to retrace things. I can kind of carve out time that I want to do different things.”

With years of experience at this point, Sikka has guaranteed herself a unique college essay topic, business experience, and a fun hobby that she can make money from.

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but humans like Sikka are dogs’ best friend too. It makes any hard work worth it, though there’s always a benefit to a side gig.

Those with furry friends can get their own baked treats by contacting Aashna personally through email!

About the Contributor
Harper Day, Senior Writer

Harper Day is a senior at Liberty High School and a senior writer for the Patriot Press. They are involved in theatre and LSN at Liberty. In their free time, they can be found drawing, listening to music while drawing, and watching movies (yet again, while drawing).