The journey to state: A look at what it takes to succeed in theater

Eleanor Briggs, Staff Writer

We all know how difficult it is to make the coveted event that is state competition, but what does it truly take? 

For sophomore Charlie Newton, the love of theater came from their mom, who brought them to see plays in Seattle, which eventually blossomed into a passion for acting.

Senior Makayla Burley developed her love for theater at a young age when she participated in a theater production of Seussical in the third grade. As a senior, her passion for theater has only grown stronger.

Dr. Butterworth’s passion for theater inspired Emilia Hartford to pursue her own love for the art. Encouraged by Butterworth, Emilia auditioned for the play No, No, a Million Times No!, and from that moment on, she developed a deep appreciation for theater.

Junior Mia Williamson’s grandmother and sister played a significant role in cultivating her passion for theater. As a child, she was frequently taken to see plays by her grandmother and sister, which sparked her interest in theater

No matter where their love of singing and acting came from, it has brought each of these individuals together as they worked for a common goal: making theater State.  

“Having the opportunity to go to State this year is really cool. We have all been working so hard this year,” Hartford said. 

The process of making State alone is incredibly selective, with thousands of Thespians across Washington competing for a spot.  

After they made State, the Liberty Thespians had the opportunity to send in a recording of their performance for a chance to be featured in the state showcase. The showcase is where a small handful of state attendees are chosen and given the opportunity to perform at the closing ceremony

“Making the showcase is the equivalent of winning State, which as you can imagine is very difficult,” Newton said.

Their passion for theater goes beyond State, however. With the school’s production of Mamma Mia already in rehearsal, these hard-working Thespians get to practice their skills and fulfill their love for performance.