Teacher by day, DoorDasher by night

Desi Arnaiz, Senior Writer

Liberty’s very own Wes Benjamin drives his way around town with orders in hand as he delivers joy, food, and drinks on his way to school and on the weekends. 

People may wonder how a teacher who works at a school started working as a DoorDasher. 

“My son got an internship at ASU, and he was responsible for setting up drivers,” Benjamin said. 

Through his son, Benjamin embraced his hobby of driving by taking orders and cruising around town. Benjamin enjoys the freedom of driving on the open roads. 

“I like to drive while listening to my music and to talk shows on the radio,” Benjamin said. “Sometimes, if I have nothing to do, I’ll just Dash for a little bit.”

Along with the freedom of driving, Benjamin also appreciates the flexibility the app gives him as a Dasher. 

“I can decline orders and go out on orders whenever I want,” Benjamin said. “I’m not forced to do it. It’s just something I do in my spare time.” 

While he may dash on the weekend he also dashes before school on his way to work. Despite DoorDashing being a fun and easy hobby his passion still lies with teaching. 

“I enjoy DoorDashing, but it’s just a side hobby,” Benjamin said. “I definitely prefer my career as a teacher.”

Q and A 

Q: What is your favorite thing to listen to when on route? 

A:  “If I’m in the mood for music, then I’ll listen to music. If I’m in the mood for sports radio, I’ll listen to that.”

Q: When do you DoorDash? 

A: “I usually do it in the mornings, on the weekends, because I like to get up and drive when nobody’s on the road.”

Q: Do you ever decline orders? 

A: “I don’t take orders that go a long way or orders that don’t give me a decent amount.”