Kurtz’s krazy tea kollection

Sofia Kovalenko, Beat Editor

Tea drinking can be an intense experience–personal, revealing, introspective–and AP World teacher Peter Kurtz knows all about it. 

Being born in America, Kurtz grew up in a coffee culture that did not truly appreciate the value of tea; it was not until his adult life that he began to indulge in this beverage.

When I went over to the UK, it started just because so many people there drink tea, you start to develop a taste for it too,” Kurtz said. 

Additionally, when age starts to creep up on a man, the coffee experience starts to have side effects.

“Growing older, my response to caffeine was different. I started having stomach problems. It just started putting me to sleep or making me feel sick,” Kurtz said. “So I started looking for alternatives.” 

Naturally, being a historian, Kurtz gravitated towards tea and the rich history and culture behind it. After years of tasting and studying tea, Kurtz has built up a reputation in the tea community.

“Roberta Fleur, the owner of Experience Tea Studio, gives my students a discount if you go in and say you’re my student,” said Kurtz.

But it isn’t just any old tea he enjoys–Kurtz only goes for the top-tier teas.

“I don’t like Teavana. If it’s in a glass jar, it’s being oxidized. It looks pretty, but you’re ruining the tea,” Kurtz said. 

So, if you’re ever feeling thirsty–whether it be for tea or knowledge–come by and ask Kurtz for some advice!