Freshman Feature: Annalise Lewis

Hannah Kim, Editorial Board Member

Inspired by CBS news’ “Everybody Has A Story” segment, in the Freshman Feature, we will use a random generator to pick a freshman at Liberty to interview. Then we find out their story and share it with you. In this issue, meet freshman Annalise Lewis!

“I’ve fallen a lot,” freshman Annalise Lewis said. 

And it’s not because she has two left feet. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Starting from when she was ten, Lewis has been an avid skier and snowboarder. 

“I love to ski. It’s something my dad and I have bonded over, and we try to go every weekend,” Lewis said. 

But skiing doesn’t come without challenges. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and the ability to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes—all things Lewis takes in stride. 

“One time I got stuck in a snowbank under a tree. My dad had to help me out and it was really scary,” Lewis said. 

However, learning how to ski isn’t the only thing Lewis has dealt with gracefully. Four years ago, Lewis made the transAtlantic move from her home country of England to the United States.

“There aren’t too many differences. Well, except the accents, of course,” Lewis said. “I like it here much better. I will never move back!” 

While the move wasn’t seamless, Lewis has enjoyed her time in Washington immensely, making cherished memories with new friends, trying out new foods, and taking advantage of the academic opportunities here. Although she’s appreciative of her past, Lewis is eager about her future. 

“I want to continue to push myself to do my best in school. I hope to one day major in business,” Lewis said. 

Even though she’s taken some hits on the slopes, Lewis’s future certainly looks bright.