The boba-cious orders of the Patriot Press staff

Nicole Treece, Spotlight Editor

Boba Tea is a Patriot Press favorite, but do you know what these orders mean about the staff?



Mango milk smoothie with lychee jelly

This fruity smoothie reveals that Vanishka is sweet and bright, just enough to make our day better 



The most obscure drink she can find

Emily can be described as “the quirky, funny, adventurous friend” clearly reflected in her boba tea choices.



Mango green tea with lychee jelly

This drink gives off strong mom vibes, which pairs perfectly with Serena, the “mom” of Patriot Press



Brown sugar milk tea with tapioca pearls

The staple of boba orders, Amelia stays on the safe side. She follows this philosophy in life, cautious and mindful



Taro milk smoothie with egg pudding

Allyson stays in touch with her roots, drinking this delicious purple smoothie that represents her sweet nature.