Q & A with the ASB Executive Board

Nicole Hume, News Editor

You’ve probably seen them around campus, heard their voices on morning announcements, and watched them hyping up the crowd during assemblies. We interviewed the new President of the Associated Student Body Dhruv Naik, Vice President Tate Hayden, Treasurer Shea Mulqueeny, female Senator Ashley Kirschner, and Secretary Naomi Sato, the members of the ASB Executive Board on how ASB operates. 


Q: What is the Liberty ASB Executive Board?

Dhruv Naik: The ASB Executive Board oversees all the other officers in ASB and manages the execution of most ASB activities, minus class-specific things like the talent show for the sophomores or prom for seniors.


Q: What’s the best part about being in ASB? 

Naomi Sato: It pushes me out of my comfort zone since I’m an introvert, and I appreciate that I get to do things that make me a bit uncomfortable. I have also learned a lot of skills that I can apply in other areas of my life.

Shea Mulqueeny: ASB connects you with so many people within your class and other grades in school so quickly. It brings this energy and excitement to everyday school, and the other officers are all so supportive. The class helps you realize your strengths as well as what makes you special.


Q: How would you describe your experience in ASB?

Ashley Kirschner: My experience in ASB has been eye-opening. I have really stepped into who I am as a leader while learning how to love others better and use my relationships with others to impact the world.

Naomi Sato: It has changed my perspective on personal and school life. Yes, we do poster making, budgeting, and club organization, but we also do leadership lessons with Ms. Munson. We get to do things other classes don’t get to do, and I learn things that change how I think and make me a better person.


Q: What have you learned from joining ASB?

Shea Mulqueeny: I have learned to appreciate little things and that it is okay to not be okay; hard things happen in life so you just have to adjust and make the best of it.

Dhruv Naik: I have learned that things may not always work how you want them to, but you’re always going to come out a better person if you can bounce back from setbacks and failures.

Ashley Kirschner: I have learned that the way you act and behave attracts the kind of people you will be around. Also, working together as a team is most effective to get the highest quality vision. When dreaming big, the process is more important than the product! 

Tate Hayden: I’ve learned how to connect with others more consistently on a deeper level and open up to others and ask for help.

Noami Sato: ASB gave me a space to be who I wanted to be. I learned that I can be a good leader by being myself.