Harry Styles inspires fashion at Liberty

Ella Williamson, Staff Writer

Over the course of the Covid-19 quarantine, many people have garnered new skills and hobbies as they attempt to fill the time previously occupied by social gatherings and in-person school. 

Junior Cora Myre has taken this time to hone her knitting skills, which she is now putting to use by recreating the iconic patchwork cardigan originally worn by pop singer Harry Styles.

“I first saw the sweater on TikTok, and I thought it was really cool that these people were making it themselves,” Myre said. “Then I learned how to knit and realized, ‘Wait, now I can make it too.’”

The cardigan itself, a patchwork of red, green, yellow, and orange, has appeared all over the internet, appearing in vlogs and tutorials on YouTube or TikTok and in product searches on Etsy. Rather than purchasing one of them online, Myre chose to take a leap of faith and do it herself.

“I already know how to knit, so why would I pay someone else to make it for me? Plus, now I can tell people, ‘Yeah, I made the Harry Styles cardigan myself,’” Myre said.

While Myre is a fan of Harry Styles, it wasn’t the singer as much as the cardigan itself that made her decide to recreate it.

“I love Harry Styles and all of the One Direction guys, but this cardigan was just cool. Some people might think it’s ugly, but I think it’s really cute,” Myre said.

Myre loved the fashionable pictures and videos of the cardigan on the internet, but before she found instructions on how to make it, the cardigan had only been a theory.

“The designer who knit it released the pattern for it, which helped a lot. It showed all of the squares and the blocking—how many of each one I’d need—so I didn’t have to just look at the pictures and try to figure it out,” Myre said.

Not only did Myre quickly discover how to make her soon-to-be wardrobe addition, but she had fun learning about it, too.

“The designer also released a YouTube video where this French lady went through the cardigan step-by-step. I watched that video probably four times just because I liked her accent,” Myre said.

Knitting is a recent hobby for Myre, who first learned how to knit online during first semester in Donna Abbey’s Fashion Design and Merchandising class. Though she isn’t quite finished making the cardigan, Myre has been having lots of fun knitting and can’t wait for her hard work to pay off.

“I can’t wait to be able to say I’ve made it myself,” Myre said. “I’m going to wear it everywhere.”