Freshman Feature: Hannah Vieth

Hannah Kim, Editorial Board Member

“When I was a kid, I sincerely thought I would be the president,” Hannah Vieth said. 

While becoming President of the United States may or may not be what the future holds for Vieth, she’s already a president in a different sense. Since early 2020, Vieth has been working to create a nonprofit women’s charity she calls “Womenade.”

“The name just kind of snuck up on me. I kind of like how it sounds like lemonade,” Vieth said. 

While the charity’s main focus isn’t lemonade, Vieth does hope her work will provide solutions for otherwise sour situations. The nonprofit was created to empower women and provide women with limited financial resources with menstrual products—pads and tampons—for free. This will allow them the opportunity to purchase other necessities worry-free.

“I started Womenade because I  believe everyone should have access to the things they need. Menstrual products are expensive, and not everyone can afford them, which is crazy because these products are as much of a necessity as clothes,” Vieth said. 

This idea for the nonprofit manifested after Vieth spent time volunteering at the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank. 

“They provided a lot of essentials like shampoo, but there was a huge gap when it came to menstrual health products,” Vieth said. 

While the organization is still waiting for official approval by the state, Vieth is spending her time working on the logistics. 

“This organization is my passion, and it’s definitely been a big motivator during this trying time,” Vieth said.