Krish Bhaskara escapes reality with rock climbing

Dhwani Porecha, Editorial Board Member


When we think of sports, we usually think of football, soccer, or baseball, but there are other sports that are less well-known but just as demanding. One such sport is rock climbing, which freshman Krish Bhaskara discovered his passion for and dedicated himself solely to about four years ago.

“When climbing, I feel a sense of bliss and freedom as if I am choreographing or rehearsing a dance on the rock wall. Climbing is like a puzzle because you have to perfectly execute a unique set of moves that work for you,” Bhaskara said.  

Although climbing may seem like a solo sport, he’s found a loving community within the world of rock climbing.

“Every climber I have met has been an amazing and caring individual,” Bhaskara said. 

Bhaskara participates in competitions with Vertical World Climbing Team, which practices three hours a day, three to five days a week. 

“There are multiple different competitions when it comes to climbing: first local competition, then regionals, Divisonals, and finally Nationals,” he said. “Competitions usually start early in the morning and end after three to eight hours. Some competitions can even span multiple days.”

At the beginning of 2020, Bhaskara applied to the World Class Climbing Academy, a boarding school that travels around the world to rock climb while learning about different cultures. 

“I got accepted, but due to Covid-19 my plans were cut short. Still, I hope to attend the Academy in the future,” Bhaskara said. 

Being an athlete has its perks, but with every sport, there sometimes comes injuries, and Bhaskara faced an injury-related setback last year. 

“I injured my back and was unable to climb for more than seven months,” he said. “Although I am still recovering and going to physical therapy, my injury is a lesson about patience and self-care.”

For Bhaskara, rock climbing is an escape during the difficult times right now. He is focusing on training for climbing competitions and sharpening his skills. 

“When I rock climb, it’s as if I am ‘climbing’ out of my problems—it’s an amazing feeling,” Bhaskara said.