Reaching for the Gold Play Button

Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor

While most people during quarantine turn to binge-watching old Youtube videos, some turn to creating new content for viewers. That’s exactly what sophomore Dan Svidenko did.

“I’ve made a Youtube channel before, but that didn’t work out, so the Corona break gave me the perfect opportunity to try again,” Svidenko said.

Uploading nearly every day, he has no problem keeping his subscribers happy with funny and entertaining content. From intense reviews on different deodorant brands to pranking his friends on a Zoom call, the ideas never seem to end.

“I’ll randomly come up with a funny gag or joke to include in a video, and then I’ll make the video around it,” Svidenko said.

Apart from his funny and crazy videos, he takes time to teach valuable life lessons to his viewers.

In his first video, Svidenko taught us how to correctly disassemble an Amazon box.This can be a useful skill to know in life. When recycling cardboard, it’s important to break the boxes down so you can maximize the amount of cardboard you are recycling. Leaving the boxes whole takes up much more space than breaking them down.

You think world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsey is a hard food critic? Ramsey is nothing compared to Svidenko’s hard critiques of our favorite foods. In another one of his videos, he takes part in an intense review of bananas, judging them on ease of use, versatility, and taste. In one of his most recent videos, he critiques the delicious desserts you see on Instagram. 

If you ever want to be entertained with cool videos or want something funny to watch, simply search up “Dan Svidenko” on Youtube.

“I really like making people laugh,” Svidenko said. “it’s such a nice feeling to put up something you make and have it brighten someone’s day.”