Quarantine gets some color

Allison Stucky, Entertainment Editor

Quarantine is the perfect time to switch up your look. If you are brave enough, that means dying your hair a vibrant new color. While some might be hesitant to rock a flashy hairstyle, Liberty sophomores Connor Smith, Lucy Hegenderfer, and Ashlyn McCallum made use of their time at home to try something different. 

“I was going stir crazy and figured, why not?” Smith, who first went blond then switched to bright pink, said.

“My sister and I were super bored, and we thought if it looked bad, no one would see it,” McCallum said, who dyed her hair purple and her sister’s hair blue.

The big reveal of the new hair color evoked strong reactions. Although their peers could not be around to comment on the look, their family members were happy to voice their opinions. 

“My mom cried! She said I’m way more handsome with my brown hair,” Smith said.

“My dad said it looked too edgy,” McCallum said.

“My mom and sister were in full support and helped me dye it! My dad thought it was stupid,” Hegenderfer said.  

Regardless of their family’s thoughts on the color, the three students had mixed reviews for their own hair.

“My first reaction was ‘uh-oh’ and then regret! Still, I would show up to school with it dyed, because I don’t care what others think,” Smith said.

“I initially didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, then I woke up the next morning and loved it! I think it would be really fun to match it with different outfits,” pink-haired Hegenderfer enthused.

“The hair was super bold for me, but I thought it was really cool,” McCallum added.

If you have been admiring a unique hairdo and are unsure about going for it, take inspiration from Smith, Hegenderfer, and McCallum. While confined at home, step out of the box and add some color!