Liberty Student News at-home edition

Gabrielle Parrish, Sports Editor

You may have watched Jimmy Kimmel’s recent video chat with Chris Hemsworth or the series of music videos directed by Pete Davidson’s mom on Saturday Night (not so) Live. This kind of television may be different from what we are used to, but many people would agree that it goes a long way to stay positive in difficult times, and shows like these are making a great effort to keep people laughing through quarantine. This is why Liberty’s very own news broadcast team is working hard to piece together their own at-home edition. 

“It’s very similar to regular LSN, but we’re just using the things we have at home,” junior Martin Hausenfluck-Poli said.

First, members of Liberty Student News are pitching their ideas to Dr. Butterworth, and then they’re using the resources available to them to film their pieces at home.

“Greg and I are making a piece on COVID-19 conspiracy theories, but getting props and planning isn’t as easy because we’re not in person,” Hausenfluck-Poli said.

“If we have access to an editing system, we can edit our pieces and send him the final project, or we can send him the raw footage,” senior Sonja Gunderson said.

Not everybody in the class has access to Adobe Premiere, the program LSN uses to assemble their videos, so Dr. Butterworth will be putting together the final product to be viewed sometime in the next couple weeks.

This final product is going to be called “Some Good News: Liberty Edition”. Like the title says, its main focus is on the positive things happening in the Liberty community at this time. Its goal is to lighten the mood and cheer up those who watch it.

“I think people will like it,” Hausenfluck-Poli said. “It’s fun to see faces you haven’t seen in a while.”