Humans of Liberty: Christian Filer (11)

“I ride my scooter two miles home from school everyday.
I needed a way to get home, and since I never learned how to ride a bike, I figured that a scooter was a relatively good idea. My parents were a little skeptical at first, but after I came home in one piece the first couple of days they were fine with it. So now I’ve been riding it for 9 months. I calculated that it takes thirty minutes to get home by walking, but scootering takes only fifteen. It’s an easy way to get home, although if you compare it with cars and buses it’s pretty low on the list of most reliable forms of transportation. Sometimes it’s awkward. A lot of strangers randomly say hi to me out of their cars. Tips for other people who want to scooter include watching the road, because a lot of people don’t actually obey traffic laws, and you get close to being hit sometimes. You learn that the hard