A job for curious minds

Hannah Kim, Editorial Board Member

Work is never fun. Especially for most teenagers who work mundane jobs after school and on weekends at different stores and fast-food places. But that is not the case for sophomore, Vincent Le.
Le has been working at the Pacific Science center for almost a year under a program for teenagers called Discovery Corps. The program, run by the museum, helps promote teens to build communication and leadership skills and allows them to work with guests. Le is currently working under the Science Interpretations department,which specializes in enhancing guest experience.
“It’s a really great program. You get to interact with a lot of people and develop career skills,” Le said.
Le recalled how nervous he was going into the interview process.
“I was scared, because I didn’t know how to talk to people, ” Le said.
Since working there, however, Le has learned a lot about communicating with all different types of people.
“I end up connecting with a bunch of interesting people from different backgrounds and age groups,” Le said. “It’s really cool.”
Public speaking skills aren’t the only thing he’s learned, though. He’s also learned a lot about responsibility and juggling school and work life.
“Having this job is rewarding. It is a lot of work sometimes, but it’s all about balancing things out,” Le said.
Besides getting to work the butterfly exhibit, Le also gets to work a lot with guests. He often ends up conversing with them. Sometimes the conversation will be serious and other times it will be about something trivial.
“One time, I talked to an older woman for a long time about the future and college,” Le said.

Working at the museum not only fosters responsibility, but also a sense of community and friendship.
“One of the best parts about this job is working with my friends,” Le said.
The Discovery Corps program does field trips once a month to different locations. Le and his friends from work attend these trips together.
“I often go on these trips with friends that are just from work. It’s cool because I get to open up to new people,” Le said.
So far, they’ve been to the amazon spheres, seattle aquarium, and mantash obsevatory.
Working at the Science Center is a job that most teenagers will never get to experience, and Le is grateful that he gets the chance.
“I’ve learned a lot from this job, and I would recommend it to everyone,” Le said.