Humans of Liberty: Emma Morganthaler (12)

“How I got scouted by Sacramento State was pretty crazy. The coach from the school wasn’t actually there for me; she was there for one of my teammates. I came to practice late that day because it was a Wednesday, and practice starts at 3:30, which is after we get out of school. So I ran in, and it didn’t really faze me that the coach was there, because I wasn’t interested in Sacramento State anyways. I was just doing my thing, and my gymnastics coach was pushing me really hard because I was late to practice. I was kind of confused about why she was pushing me, because the scout wasn’t there for me. But the Sacramento coach ended up liking me. The week before, my friend who was supposed to be scouted said, “Emma, I don’t want to go to Sacramento State. Can you replace me? Can you act like me?” and I just think it’s funny and ironic because now I’m going there!