Ethan Doan takes on podcasting

Naia Willemsen, Spotlight Editor

Some people draw, some write, and some play music. Everyone has their own creative outlet, but freshman Ethan Doan’s is a little different: he is the host of his own podcast, the “Your Take Show,” where, weekly or bi-weekly, he interviews Liberty students and shares their stories.
Yet Doan’s podcast is not just unique in the fact that it’s created by a high school student. It’s also a video podcast, and Doan wears a suit for each episode.
Greg Sather, who was a guest in a recent episode, thinks that Doan’s attire adds something extra to the podcast.
“It was kind of cool that he wore a suit; it was pretty professional,” Sather said.
The way Doan dresses isn’t the only professional part of his podcast. He has a studio room in his house where he records the podcast, complete with studio lights, microphones, and a camera on a tripod. After recording the podcast, he edits the video footage from the camera together with the microphone recording to create the finished video.
Clearly, Doan cares a lot about his podcast and as a result has structured it in a listener-friendly manner. He divides it into three different segments, each of which has a different purpose.
“The first segment is where I ask the guest to tell stories, which can be themed. The second segment I’ll usually have certain topics either within the school or out in the world, and the last segment we just have fun,” Doan said.
But whichever section of the podcast he’s talking on, Doan’s personality—one of his main motivations for creating his own podcast—shines through.
“I thought I would be able to make a podcast because I think I’m pretty friendly and my interview skills are good enough. I really enjoy having feedback from other people, and bringing friends in and talking with them is a lot of fun,” Doan said.

And although Doan wanted to create the podcast for fun, it’s also benefited him in other ways, including his understanding of others.
“It definitely makes me have a wider recognition of other people and their opinions, and helps me understand why not to judge other people,” Doan said.
Even if people are hesitant to commit to listening the full hour of the podcast, Doan recommends giving it a try.
“There’s a lot of content within the hour that I record. It’s very entertaining,” Doan said.
Sather agrees with the sentiment, and he enjoyed his time on one episode of the podcast.
“I think it was a fun thing to do. I think that podcasts are fun to be on, and it’s worth listening to. There are some funny people at our school,” Sather said.