Ally Stucky finds a fitting creative outlet

Gabrielle Parrish, Sports Editor

You may have seen her Instagram page or admired her dress while passing her in the hallway. Her name is Allison Stucky, and she has been designing and creating her own clothes since sixth grade. Now a freshman at Liberty, her interest in design began with the show “Project Runway,” and for anyone who has binged the occasional season or two of this addictive show, the inspiration it sparked for Stucky is totally relatable. Stucky acted on this interest and has been passionately designing her own clothing ever since.
“At first I was mostly self-taught, and then Tally Noel’s mom helped me for a few lessons to lay a good foundation before I started going on my own again,” Stucky said.

Her creative process begins with her notebook, where she sketches out ideas for designs. The next step is choosing fabrics from fabric stores or Amazon.
“A lot of times, since I don’t use patterns, I’ll look at my own clothes, model sizing off of that, and cut it out. Then I do all the sewing,” said Stucky.
In addition to creating clothes from scratch, Stucky likes to personalize old articles of clothing. Some of her favorite pieces started out as thrifted clothes, and it’s something she would recommend to others wishing to express themselves through fashion. But Stucky knows that designing clothing is only one of many positive creative mediums.
“Find something unique such as fashion design or something you wouldn’t think about doing at first. I think that doing fashion design, for me, felt like branching out and trying something new. I found that I really loved it, and that I could get other people into it,” said Stucky.
So, whether it’s fashion, photography, or painting, Stucky encourages those around her to explore art as a way of expression and find their own creative outlets.