Lauren Crutchfield dances through the holidays


Maddie Browne, Feature Editor

Most Seattleites have gone to see the famous ballet The Nutcracker at least once. The swish of tutus, beautiful dancers, and graceful movements tell a story unlike any other. But few consider the amount of work required behind the scenes of the ballet. For sophomore Lauren Crutchfield, however, dancing in the show is a challenging reality—and a dream come true.
“I love dancing during Nutcracker season, when we have to get up at eight in the morning and we go to the theater. Everybody’s tired, and we’re all in our sweats and everything,” Crutchfield said.
Few people recognize the hard work and devotion that goes into every step in the Nutcracker. For most dancers, Crutchfield included, dance becomes a lifelong journey.
“I dance at Evergreen City Ballet, and I started dancing when I was around two,” Crutchfield said. “I do ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, and also hip-hop. That adds up to fifteen or more hours of dancing a week.”
The amount of time and the level of dedication required for an athletic art is unbelievable. The time spent together with others at the studio, however, makes it worthwhile.
“Our studio is more of a family than a studio. I consider my studio my family. It was a very fun experience, even though it was a big time commitment,” Crutchfield said.