From Vietnam to Washington: Minh Vu’s journey

Elizabeth Rollison, Editor In Chief

Between SATs, AP classes, and college searching, junior year is already a time fraught with stress. Now, imagine tackling the same tests and classes as the rest of the juniors, only as a recent immigrant to the United States.
That’s been the experience of Minh Vu, who recently moved to America from Vietnam.
Vu was born in Vietnam, and lived there with his whole family up until this year. This is his first year in an American school, and the experience is proving to be different, but positive.
“In Vietnam, we had to wear uniforms. But in American schools, everybody gets to choose what they wear, which is more fun,” Vu said.
Despite the notorious difficulty of junior year, Vu has been enjoying his classes, especially the variety of things that he’s been able to learn about.
However, life in America hasn’t completely been sunshine and roses.
“I really miss my family,” Vu said. “I moved here with just my mom. The whole rest of my relatives are in Vietnam.”
For the most part, though, Vu’s experience in America has overall been very positive.
Making new friends and trying new activities have been some of his favorite parts of the American public school experience. At his school in Vietnam, after-school activities, like clubs and sports, were uncommon.
Now that he’s at Liberty, Vu is excited to start trying new activities and participate in Liberty activities.
“I’d like to try volleyball club. That sounds like it would be a lot of fun,” Vu said. “I’ve never gotten the chance to join a club, and I’d like to try something new.”