Behind the Lens: Dylan Kostadinov pursues photography

Madison Browne, Staff Writer

Photography captures events that appear once in a lifetime. A second of holding your breath, a flash of light, and the moment disappears.

“No shot is the same — every millisecond makes a difference. If you take a picture, then a second later you take the same shot, it won’t be the same composition; it won’t be the same picture,” junior Dylan Kostadinov said.

Kostadinov has been fascinated with cameras since the age of eight when his sister bought him his very first one. Since then, he has done advertisements with people who have reached out, as well as photo shoots on his own.

“Outlier Daily is a business where a guy reached out to me to create content for his website and his whole brand,” Kostadinov said. “He’s using my pictures to promote sales and make ads.”

Outlier Daily, a site for up and coming photographers, displays Kostadinov’s photos. Companies and individuals can reach out to photographers through this site for advertisements and hiring. Kostadinov, however, prefers photography when it’s his choice to do a shoot.

“Doing photography for someone else as a job has made me less inclined to do it,” Kostadinov said. “Being forced to take pictures isn’t as fun as going out and taking them for yourself.”