Humans of Liberty: Kyler Granados

Being Christian, I base my life upon the rules laid out by God and the Bible. I try to follow these rules, but sometimes I falter. I am a human being. I try to be a  kind person no matter what anybody believes or what anybody is: regardless of race or gender you just treat everybody as you would yourself. Faith is a motivator, and my parents also motivate me. I want to pursue a career in music. I am already in a band; we’re called Another. Although our sound is not always cohesive, I really enjoy being a part of an awesome group like ours.  I spend my time recording music, practicing, and researching musical theory. Jazz music is my favorite genre, but it is always good to broaden the way you look at  music. I don’t think that you should be limited by genre. I listen to classical music, reggae, R&B, and hip hop; it’s all just music to me.  I want to have an album out pretty soon. I am learning still, but I have a particular sound in my head, and if I want to replicate that, I will do it! I carry this mini keyboard everywhere that plugs into my phone and into my laptop. I am able to record whatever comes into my head. I carry it around in school and everywhere I go.  I also like to write. I have been writing a novel; it is a high fantasy novel. I love poetry too, and with my writing, I want to change people’s particular mindset of music. When I grow up I want to be a music teacher. I have been so inspired my Mrs. Wood and Mr. Tanner and I want to do what they do because Mrs. Wood tries to change the mindsets of young people like us.”