Rachel Noble finds passion in music

Taylor Mulqueeny, Staff Writer

Everyone has a hobby that gives them a sense of joy and allows them to show their love for the activity. Some people play sports, or cook, or read. Junior Rachel Noble gets her rush when playing her trumpet.
“Creating music is the coolest experience because you get to create something beautiful and get a really special feeling,” Noble said.
While Noble was not particularly into band during middle school, her love for the art came when she entered the symphonic band program in high school under director Jared Tanner.
“I got into high school and Mr. Tanner was the teacher and there was a more comfortable environment in class,” Noble said.  “That’s when I got really passionate about band.”
Noble’s teacher isn’t her only inspiration for continuing to play. She says that she has been influenced by music her whole life.
“My parents did band in high school and they were always telling me about their high school band experience,” Noble said. “From their stories, band sounded cool, and like something that I would want to do.”
Noble’s inspiration for pursuing music doesn’t stop with Tanner and her parents. She has also looked to jazz musician, Wynton Marsalis, for inspiration.
“Wynton Marsalis is such a talent. His jazz got me into it because he does great improv and also lots of inspirational and motivational songs,” Noble said. “He has such a wide platform which not a lot of musicians have.”
Noble’s passion for music is easily seen through her radiating smile when around music, and her commitment to all of her groups.
“Rachel is one of the most dedicated musicians of her class,” Tanner said. “It’s really cool to see her explore and grow in her music both at Liberty and out in the greater Seattle community.”
With this musical love, Noble has involved herself and talent in five different musical groups. Along with being the Liberty band program president, Noble plays her trumpet in a variety of types of bands from wind ensemble to an all-girls jazz band, JazzEd, to pit orchestra, at Liberty and Holy Names Academy.
Through these groups Noble has gotten numerous opportunities to play across the country.
Noble will be traveling to and playing at the Holy Names Academy graduation at Benaroya Hall on May 28, two jazz clubs with her all girls JazzEd group on March 16 and 22, and at Lincoln Center in New York for a Girls Ellington Project also with JazzEd, June 1- 4.
Despite Noble’s large involvement with her band programs, she says that she doesn’t plan on majoring in music. She finds that her love and talent in band are carrying her in a different direction than a full time job.
“I’d love to minor in music, but I don’t see it as a possible career,” Noble said. “It’s just a really fun recreation opportunity.”
Gaining musical opportunities left and right, Noble always enjoys the chance to pass her love for music through her trumpet and into the ears and hearts of her audience.