Finding character on the stage of Village Theater

Lilly Moore, Staff Writer

Your place. Your people. Your outlet. This is one of the only places you feel you can truly express yourself, explore who you are, and be completely and utterly you.
For sophomore Lili Galluzo and freshman Kyler Grenados this place is Village Theater in Issaquah.
On her first day at Village Theater, Galluzo knew hardly anyone, and was nervous to stand in front of her peers and perform. But as she continued to grow under her incredible teachers and the support of the other actors and actresses-in-training, Galluzo has found Village Theater to be a place she can be herself and go out of her comfort zone.
“It has definitely made me more confident,” Galluzo said. “Last year on my first day I was so afraid, and this year, I am totally fine.”
Village Theater has several programs for people of all ages. For students in grades 6-12, there are opportunities to be in productions in the summer, and other training programs during the year, such as the Institute program Grenados and Galluzo are a part of. The program helps students reach their unique artistic and performance goals, as they are taught in choreography, acting, singing, and more. Galluzo and Grenados have both had the opportunity to be in several Village theater productions during the summer, and they continue to work on both their acting skills and vocals with their instructors.
For Grenados, Village Theater is not only a place where he can be himself, but also has the opportunity to excel in his passions.
“Definitely through working in the programs that they have there, it shows that there is a long road ahead, but still, as an actor I have improved a lot,” Grenados said.
Grenados and Galluzo have found the theater to be a place that allows kids to be themself and continue stretching their comfort zones. Galluzo loves Liberty’s drama class, but says it is less common to find people in the high school drama class who want to pursue theater. At Village Theater she has found people who she can relate to, and who will encourage her to grow and continue improving.
“It is really important to me because it gives kids an outlet that they normally wouldn’t have,” Galluzo said.
Some people’s outlet might be in sports, clubs, academics, or theater.  Village Theater is a place that allows kids to express themselves and find their confidence. Everyone needs their place that they are passionate about and will work hard for. They need to find their niche, and for some, it just might be Village Theater.