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Women’s weight training: a new, up“lifting” class

“It’s really supportive. I think it definitely helps that it’s an all-girls class. So it’s not like anyone feels uncomfortable,” sophomore Kathryn Langworthy said.

The new women’s weight training class is a hit amongst the students that take it. Even though they work up a sweat, these students appreciate the activities of the class and give it positive reviews. 

 The class focuses on building muscle mass, improving form, and having another comfortable in-school environment for students. 

“Everyone’s friendly and we’re all females. It’s definitely more comfortable which contributes to the positive environment,” sophomore Ari Shin said.

 Both weight training classes (weight training and women’s weight training) are formatted very similarly, and they both focus on exercising and building yourself in both physical and mental ways. Both advisors of the two weight training classes use the same techniques and mindset towards health and exercise. 

The only difference between the two are the participants. The student body that makes up the women’s class is mostly non-male students but is open to any student no matter what gender they identify as.

“I think everybody in that class is really enjoying it. It’s been a really positive experience,” sophomore Rei Gilbert said. 

 The atmosphere in the sixth period P.E. class is very light weight and focuses on self-improvement, which makes it appealing to students. There is no immediate pressure on the amount of improvement or any strict expectations in the class, much like the other weight training class.   

 In addition, the new class has encouraged more students to join the weight-training train as women’s weight training only adds to the number of Liberty students that are getting physical exercise during the school day.

 “I think there’s a lot of positive reminders and positive affirmation about what they’re doing. It’s reminding them, ‘Hey, this is what you did at the beginning of the semester, now look where you are!’” Weight training advisor Michelle Munson said. 

The P.E. class is built on connecting with peers, exercising, and body positivity. The class encourages growth and personal health. No extreme expectations–just extreme encouragement from surrounding peers. 


About the Contributor
Kelsey Burnet, Staff Writer
Kelsey Burnet is a sophomore at Liberty High School and a staff writer for the Patriot Press. In her free time, she loves Taylor Swift, Batman and reading.