Chemistry among demons: Varsity soccer quote of the day

Tyler Rubenstein, Sports Editor

Liberty Boys Varsity Soccer started this year extremely new as the core of last year’s successful team successfully departed for college. They have had to navigate the rough seas of building chemistry throughout the season in order to achieve their goal of winning KingCo. One specific aspect of their team this year has been helpful in this fight is Kellen Kobata’s Quote of the Day. The belief around the team is as follows: by believing in the quote of the day, they will become a team full of chemistry demons.

How did the quote of the day start?

Varsity winger Kellen Kobata (11): “One day I was feeling pretty motivational. I found a quote on Instagram, and honestly, it changed my day. I felt like changing livesso I sent it to the varsity group chat.

Kobata’s favorite quote:

“If you want to shop without looking at the price, you have to work without looking at the clock.”

Do we win because of skill or the Quote of the Day?

Varsity winger Jack Nelson (12): “I think it’s a mixture of both. Our team is like a potion. Without the skill, obviously, we wouldn’t win. But I think that without the quote of the day, we would have less motivation to win. It’s a good mixture of both….When the bitmoji’s line up in the bottom of the chat, I just imagine each player grinning, their souls fulfilled.

Nelson’s favorite quote:

“Everyone be cheating but no one wants to be cheated on.”

How does the quote of the day make you feel?

Varsity defender Michael Keyes (12: “When those words bless my eyes, they uplift me. I feel weightless. This is exactly why my pregame ritual is to read the quotesit gives me motivation and tells me to do better in life. Life just doesn’t get better at that moment. It may be the pinnacle of my high school experience.”

Keyes’ favorite quote: 

“You don’t land at the same house as your teammate.”

What effect has the Quote of the day had on the team?

Varsity striker Connor O’Brien (12): “It sticks with you. Once he sends it, it puts a smile on everyone’s face and it stays with you for the rest of the day. I really do believe the quote of the day is the missing piece to our team. In essence, it is our Rosetta Stone.”

O’Brien’s favorite quote: The longer you wonder why you’re here, the less you’re going to remember while you’re here.