Baseball and softball are batter than the rest

Addison Milne, Photography Editor

“The best piece of advice I have received from a coach is to be the alligator in a swamp. It basically means to be the aggressor,” senior Terry Hayes said.

Although this advice may seem a bit odd to some, it has carried the Liberty varsity baseball team to many victories throughout their spring season. With a record of 11-4, the varsity boys baseball team has experienced extreme success so far this year. 

“As a team,  everyone is doing their jobs and doing what they’re supposed to. No one person is trying to be the hero, so we all succeed as individuals and as a team,” Hayes said. 

The team is composed of many talented individuals who all work together to bring the team to success. One area of the team that brings success is the pitching staff.

“Our pitching and their ability to strike people out makes us great competitors,” said sophomore Ryan Bohem. 

Additionally, part of the reason for the boys success is the bonds that they have formed and how their closeness has allowed the team to work together.

“One reason we are so close is because of everything that we do outside of practice. The dinners and other things that we do outside of baseball is what builds the chemistry of our team,” Hayes said. 

Similarly, the Liberty softball team has seen success on the field while becoming close with one another.

“Since we all have each other’s back, and we all have a genuine love for the sport, it is easy to be a cohesive unit and a successful team,” senior softball captain Desi Arnaiz said.

The Liberty softball team has a record of 11-1, and they are continuing to impress with their skill and comradery with excellent support from coaching staff.

“Our coaches constantly provide feedback because they want everybody to reach their full potential. It also builds a bridge between the coaches and the players,” said Arnaiz.

“The coaching staff has greatly contributed to the success of the team, and has provided support and reassurance for all the players.”

With the amount of success the team has faced, it is easy to get caught up in the future, and miss the importance of the moment.

“Right now, we are taking everything a game at a time, because if we get caught in the future, we lose sight of what is happening right now,” Arnaiz said.

The support that both the softball and baseball teams have received from their captains and coaches has given them the ability to become a championship team, and that’s what they plan to do.

“If we continue performing like we are right now, we will achieve our goal of getting to state,” sophomore Jasmine Chong said.