Winter sports recap

The winter sports season has come to an end. The teams had fulfilling seasons and have plans to continue improving their skills in preparations for next year’s season.

Sarim Khan and Sylvia Aquino

Boys Basketball: The boys basketball team had a very successful season, winning 15 games and finishing second in the KingCo Conference. 

All of our returning players will be called on to expand their roles,  improve skills, and get physically stronger as our five senior players and student assistant move on,” Coach Omar Parker said.

The team plans to continue to practice in order to be ready for the next season during the off-season.

Boys Swim and Dive: Boys swim & dive, though only having won one swim meet, had a triumphant season.

We had so much success this season. Every swimmer got best times throughout the season,” Coach Gabrielle Smith said. “We had a team of 19 go to KingCo, a team of nine go to Districts, and two swimmers compete at State.” 

Smith’s favorite part of the season was watching the swimmers work hard and improve.

Wrestling: Wrestling obtained a league record of 2-4 this season. Out of the team, three wrestlers were able to become sub-regional finalists, along with many more being regional qualifiers. 

The journey is the best part–watching our team grow and improve,” Coach Chis Harlin said. That with the excitement to compete is an infectious feeling”.

 There was not much downtime for wrestling, as their freestyle season started this month.

Cheer: The cheer team worked well together this winter. With their efforts, the team managed to perform well at competition. 

The girls that are on the team are very committed and prove that each time we get together for practices and events,” Coach Camille Wright said. 

Wright points out that the past season was one of the best years the team has had to date. 

“My favorite part of any season is seeing the growth that happens. It is awesome to see how much better they have become since the beginning of the season. The success they have is due in part to the expectations they have for each other to be present and give 100 percent.”

Girls Basketball:

While the girls basketball team didn’t make it to KingCo, the team put a lot of effort and work into this year’s season. 

“While we didn’t win as many games as we would have wanted to, through this season the team was able to grow a lot,” senior captain Melaya La Madrid said. “We may not have made it to KingCo, but we still had a great year. It’s always so much fun playing together. We all support each other so much as a team.”

“The girl’s basketball team plans to improve their skills through the off season, so they’ll be ready for next season. We have an open gym over the off season so our team can work on conditioning and play practice games. Our plan for next season is to pick up where we left off, and keep pushing on,” La Madrid said.


Despite having many new members participating in gymnastics for the first time, the team won many games and even made it to Districts. 

“We owe our success to all the work the girls put in. Most of our members are new to the sport, so they put in a lot of work to get to where they are,” Coach Miranda Jones said. “A lot of our girls qualified for Districts, and some qualified in more than one event.” 

The team intends on maintaining and improving their skills even through the off season. “Our goals for next season are to teach our gymnasts more skills. During the offseason we plan to encourage our gymnasts to do gymnastics outside of school at local gyms because we can’t Coach during our off season. We love to see our team cheer each other on and are looking forward to our next season,” Coach Jones said.


The drill season is longer than other sports since they perform all year. Their constant practice and performances paid off, since the drill team managed to score higher in their competitions than they did last year. 

“We owe our success to how much our members have been practicing,” Coach Jennifer Poulson said. “Almost all of our members were on the team last year so they’ve been able to practice their skills for at least two years so that helped strengthen our team.” 

Drill also has plans to continue their improvement even in their off season. “During the off season we have optional camps our members can attend and they can keep practicing their skills so they’ll be ready for next year’s season,” Coach Poulson said.