Rise and shine: Liberty athletes benefit from early morning weight training

Lucas Counts, Editorial Board Member

Your lamp comes on in sync with the monotonous ring of your xylophone alarm. You awake, bleary-eyed, and either scroll through Instagram, or lie there in a vegetative, sleep-deprived state. But would you dare pick up a dumbbell?

While some Liberty students roll out of their beds in a panic 20 minutes before classes begin, others are dedicated to consistently waking up between five and six am to ensure that they are on time to 6:50 am weight training.

The before-school weight training class, taught by PE teacher Brad Anderson, was inspired by his own Period 0 weight training experience that started when he was a high school freshman. Liberty’s Period 0 Weight Training, in its first year of existence, runs four days a week. It is designed especially for student-athletes who want to fit a lifting routine around their often hectic schedules.

“The morning workouts are great for them because they are able to put on more muscle and hit the gym but also have enough time to rest throughout the day,” Anderson said. “It allows their bodies to refuel so that they can have optimal performance in afternoon practices and games.” 

The class is filled with passionate athletes who want to put in the work to grow and improve, and the community within the class is characterized as strong by students.

“Even though it’s mainly guys in the class, the presence of all of the other athletes working out with me pushes me to work harder and gives me a greater sense of motivation,” junior soccer defender Lillian Meeks said. “I love how this class makes it easier for me to sleep at night and pumps me up each day to be more productive throughout my day because I already got something done in the morning.”

For junior Rohne Klein, Liberty’s starting varsity quarterback and a corner infielder who recently committed to the University of Utah baseball program, Period 0 Weight Training is about bettering his craft. 

“I’ve gotten a lot stronger and gained a lot of healthy weight. Getting my workout in before school frees up time for the rest of my day,” Klein said.

Period 0 Weight Training is all about giving athletes an opportunity to bulk up in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Meeks encapsulates the mission of Period 0 Weight Training perfectly: “It’s all about getting toned and getting strong.”