On track to succeed

Jocelyn Hood, Opinion Editor

Most people only run when necessary, like when they’re late to their bus or there’s a dramatic explosion right behind them and they have to just barely get away in slo-mo. Callie Holmes and Sutton Flint aren’t “most people”; they run for fun, and that takes a lot of passion.

Holmes and Flint are both freshman track and field athletes, but their age is no reason to underestimate them; they’re very experienced runners, both having started track and field in elementary school. Over this time, the two have had many successes.

“I qualified for the National Junior Olympics in high jump which was really cool. I also won the middle school district finals for high jump,” Holmes said.

In addition to Holmes’ accomplishments, Flint also has many highlights.

“I won Nnationals last year and qualified for Iinternationals this year,” Flint said.

They both take pride in their sprints, but Holmes also specializes in high jump and Flint in hurdles. Holmes even strives to break the school records for both high jump and sprints and is currently sitting at an unofficial personal record of 5 ‘2″. Flint’s current unofficial personal record for 60 meter hurdles is 8.56.

Their dedication to their sport has paid off because they’re both decorated with many awards. Soon they’ll be filling up trophy cases of their own.

“I have four national medals for All American and I have three second place Nike Outdoor National medals,” Flint said.

Holmes has even placed third in Regionals in the Junior Olympics.

Considering all this, they are both well on their way to achieving their goals; Flint working towards doing track in college and Holmes aiming for the Olympics. For now though, they are both great additions to Liberty’s team.

“Having new talent on the team really makes a difference,” senior track captain Paige Bajsarowicz said. “Both Sutton and Callie are really passionate about their events. They put the work in every day, and it motivates others to do the same.”