Boaris: the one and only cross country coyote

Maiya Lester, Staff Writer


What’s blue and green, made of rubber, and has sharp teeth? 

It’s not a monster– it’s the cross country mascot Boaris!

Posing for the camera: Sophomores Akash Krishna and Scarlett Saam smile while holding up the mascot Boaris. Photo by Emily Allard

“Boaris is up to interpretation. He’s supposed to be something that scares off wild geese, like a scarecrow,” senior cross country captain Kaya Hill said, “but we don’t really know what he is.”

Last season, Hill found Boaris at a cross country meet. She decided to fix him up and bring him to practice.

“We all thought it was funny that Kaya actually took Boaris from the meet. Everyone was quick to get on board with it,” senior Emily Allard said.  

Boaris was eagerly adopted by the team and has continued to help foster team culture and community as their mascot. 

“Boaris is used for support. He’s a great member of the team; he lifts up our spirits,” junior Nicolas Ruiz said. 

Boaris has had some ups and downs in his journey as cross country mascot, including being lost and refound, but he continues to show up at every meet. 

“A lot of people found out about Boaris when we lost him,” Hill said. “We were asking around to see if other teams had him, and as a team we were making jokes about losing our mascot.” 

During meets, opposing teams can see Boaris featured in the Liberty cross country tent where he is kept during competitions. 

“Boaris has become the trademark of our team. He sits above our cross country tent while we’re running and watches over our stuff,” Hill said. 

Altogether Boaris has helped bring together the Liberty cross country team and has become a symbol of their community and culture.

“He may be a bit of a joke, but he’s something that’s really fun and he brings a lot of laughs,” Hill said.