Spring sports forecast

After an eventful winter, the clouds are clearing, and Liberty’s athletes are preparing to dominate the new season. Welcome to Liberty’s spring sports!

Paige Bajsarowicz, Sports Editor

Softball: Stealing the new season

With no shortage of talent, grit, or terrifying equipment, the Liberty girls softball team is ready for anything this season will throw at them, especially softballs.

“We have a whole team of talented players,” Liberty softball coach Lindsay Barnes said. “I’m really looking forward to having a full season so the girls can compete as much as possible.”

This anticipation is shared by athletes as well.

“I’m just looking forward to actually getting out on the field with the girls and building off of last year’s foundation,” junior softball athlete Lauren Bauge said.

With this foundation in mind, the team is prepared for any future developments, and, so far, there are many. Last season, 14 girls tried out, a considerable difference from the 24 girls who tried out this season.

“The jump will increase competitiveness as each position is earned,” Barnes said. “I know we have great talent trying out, so we just need to find out who wants to step up and fill those spots.”

Whether or not you find yourself on the softball field, be sure to look out for cloudy skies, and potentially some pop flies, in the coming weeks.


Girls Golf: Look out fore spring

With thirty-eight girls trying out for only twenty spots, it’s safe to say that the Liberty girls golf team has secured plenty of talent for the new season. In fact, Liberty’s girls golf coach Michelle Warlick has high hopes for the team.

“I’m hoping to get at least two girls to state, if not three, four, or a full team. It really all depends on the other teams’ new freshmen,” Warlick said.

For context, only the top two teams from KingCo take their team to state, with the next fifteen girls scores qualifying. Notably, this will be the first year most of the team will get to experience postseason, including the chance to qualify for state. 

“The most drastic change this year will be the postseason. Last year we had zero post-season because of COVID-19. We’ll finally get to have state, districts, and KingCo championships,” Warlick said.

The return of the postseason is not the only reason the spring season is looking up. 

“I’m looking forward to working in a team. Golf’s a pretty independent sport and I want to have other girls I can rely on and look to,” sophomore golf captain Kylie McGrath said.

As spring begins, one thing is sure: Liberty’s girls golf team has high hopes for the upcoming season.


Girls Tennis: Spring is served

As they experience one of the biggest turnouts they’ve ever seen, Liberty’s girls tennis is undergoing numerous renovations. For starters, their first-ever C-team.

With a tremendous fifty-four athletes trying out, coaches have constructed a C-team to compensate with the mass income of athletes.

We will have two practice times, with varsity and JV working together at one practice time, and C-team at a separate time,” Liberty tennis coach Carola Dopps said.

Along with the formation of their first-ever C-team, girls tennis is anticipating another first: a true introduction into 3A.

The competition will be tougher, but we’re tough, too,” Dopps said.

Athletes, both new and returning, are just as excited as Dopps to see what the new season brings.

“This year will have a completely different vibe. I’m really excited for the team we’re going to have,” junior varsity tennis player Charlotte Ury said. “I think it’s going to be a fresh start for Liberty girls tennis.”


Track and Field: The race to spring

Lace up those sneakers. Liberty track and field is officially back in motion. With new coaches, a great turnout, and fresh competition, the team is ready to race.

Keeping with the trend, the number of athletes signed up for track and field has jumped since last year.

“It’s a good problem to have: having more kids than you can put in a relay, all fighting for that spot. And asking ourselves, how should we do it?” Liberty track and field head girls coach Mike Smith said. “The season is only rewarding when you have people that want to be here, and this year, we do” 

Liberty track and field head boys coach Brad Anderson has expressed an equally optimistic perspective.

“With more athletes comes more competition, and more competition breeds more greatness.” Anderson said. “It’s been a long time since we had the opportunity to have a postseason, so I am extremely excited for athletes to compete beyond the regular season,” 

This anticipation has not gone unnoticed.

Anderson has a good group of athletes that he’s working with,” Smith said.“With so many kids, it’s just gonna be really fun. It’ll be a lot of energy.”

A good thing, because energy is exactly what Liberty’s track and field team needs to chase down their competition, or rather, have their competition chase them.


Baseball: Coming in swinging

Their mantra is “Unstoppable,” and so is their spirit. Liberty boys baseball is rounding the bases to the spring season, and the numbers are up from the past year.

“I won’t be surprised to see a number of sophomores get varsity time this season,” Liberty baseball coach Kevin Frey said.

While fresh new talent is always something to look forward to, many athletes are simply hoping for a connected team.

I’m most looking forward to reestablishing Liberty baseball culture. We haven’t really been able to get to know each other over COVID-19,senior varsity baseball athlete Kaden Alberghini said. Alberghini is a pitcher and outfielder who has been on the team since freshman year.

In fact, freshman year was the last time he and his fellow teammates experienced a full season. 

“Resuming league play and playoffs will be a breath of fresh air for everyone. We’ll embrace every day as a blessing to compete, build leadership, and improve team chemistry,” Frey said. We have to steer clear of letting outside expectations define our success. Our mental preparation and outlook will drive our success.”

With this positivity in mind, the Liberty boys baseball team hopes to be truly “Unstoppable” in the spring season.


Boys Soccer: Kicking off the new season

At the rate it’s growing, Liberty boys soccer is destined for a packed season. With nearly four teams worth of athletes trying out, they’ve recently made a major adjustment: adding another C-team.

“We have a lot of freshmen and sophomores this year and some good young talent in those classes,” Liberty boys soccer coach Darren Tremblay said. “I’m looking forward to competing in 3A and seeing how we match up.”

With last year being the team’s first 3A exposure, coaches and athletes are looking forward to the competition, specifically playoffs.

“We’d like to be in the mix for a league championship and a berth to the state tournament,” Tremblay said.

And while many others share this hope, playoffs are still months away. For now, Liberty boys soccer is continuing to aim high, and hoping to shoot there too.


Graph: In the process of collecting data from athletic department

“The turnouts are crazy. We’re a bigger school than we used to be. It’s a good problem to have,” Liberty track and field head girls coach Mike Smith said.

“We’ll find a way. As long as everybody’s there because they want to be better, then it goes really well,” Liberty track and field head girls coach Mike Smith said.

“Being here is only rewarding when you have people that want to be here, and this year, we do.” Liberty track and field head girls coach Mike Smith said.