You just got served

Samantha Klein, Staff Writer

From intense matches to new friendships, Liberty High School volleyball is back.

After the pandemic, the girls volleyball team was experiencing a setback like many other sports. Despite any obstacles, the team has a win-to-loss ratio of 4-5 as of October 20. 

On October 18, the LHS volleyball team won 3-0 in an exciting game against Juanita High School. 

“The game against Juanita was our most dominant performance of the year. It was the first time that the entire team came together and focused on playing in sync,” coach Andy Fickert said. 

Having a completely new team is a difficult adjustment, but according to junior Naomi Hancock, the team has grown closer as the season goes on. 

“We’re at a point now where the team is performing really well. The chemistry that we’ve been trying to achieve wasn’t there for a long time, but it’s just starting to form,” Hancock said. 

With help from this newfound chemistry, the team is prepared to take on their next big goal of qualifying for the district tournament.