The spirit of sports at Liberty

Paige Bajsarowicz, Sports Editor

Leaves crinkle underfoot, blue decorates the hallways, the fans cheer relentlessly, and through it all, the unmistakable echoes of, “We are one!”

 What used to be a casual Liberty tradition has become a startlingly new experience for many students at Liberty High School. Whether it’s fundraisers, dress up days, or Friday night home football games, spirit days were virtually absent last year.

 While many would assume that this means school spirit is diminished, leaders at Liberty believe that this offers the community a fresh start.

 “COVID-19 has definitely affected school spirit, but it’s also given us the chance to rebuild,” senior golf athlete and ASB President Dhruv Naik said. “School spirit is very important for bringing the community and teams together.”

Naik is not alone in this belief. Liberty ASB teacher Michelle Munson has also given her two cents on the subject.

 “Spirit days are an opportunity for us to give back and donate, but they also play a huge role in uniting the classes and athletics,” Munson said. 

 Spirit has a significant impact on school sports. By embracing spirit days, the community feels connected to its teams and players, who, in turn, feel proud to represent Liberty. Getting more and more students involved in school spirit activities exposes Liberty’s sports teams to a new atmosphere of support and positivity.

“When there’s a lot of people watching and cheering me on, it motivates me to play a lot harder and give the spectators something entertaining to watch,” senior Liberty tennis captain Owen Mystkowski said. “Creating an environment that’s full of energy and noise is something that never really hurts and is almost sure to boost morale.”

Many other athletes share similar beliefs.

“Seeing everybody out there cheering, wearing our gear, walking around, and just being proud to be a part of this team and school has been inspiring,” senior Liberty cross country captain Mark Stevenson said.

Participating in spirit days can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Even small acts such as wearing a blue shirt on Friday to support Liberty sports teams, or honking on your way to school on Friday morning can help Liberty to strengthen its connection, community, and sports.

 After all, “We are ONE.”