Meet the fall coaches

Allyson Phung, Sports Editor

Meet Liberty’s Fall sports coaches!




Girls Volleyball –

Name: Coach Andy Fickert

Years at Liberty: 12

“I love coaching girl’s volleyball because it is incredible to work with such amazing girls and watch them improve over time.”






Boys Golf –

Name: Coach John Kinsley

Years coaching: 14

“I was able to see Calvin Cakarnis (9) hit a hole in one right in front of me, which was an incredible sight to see.”   







Boy’s Tennis –

 Name: Coach Carola Dopps

Years coaching: 4

“The players are great kids, and they have energy and love to play tennis. It makes my day to come out here and coach the kids.”






Girl’s Swim and Dive –

Name: Coach Kris Daughters

Years Coaching: 25

“I coach a senior–Natalie Tan– who is a pretty quiet and reserved girl who qualified for KingCo championships. It was great to see her hard work pay off.”






Girl’s Soccer

Name: Coach Ryan Johnson

Years Coaching: 1

“We played a match against Mercer Island, and we were down 2 -0 in the first half of the game, but as a team, we came together and ended victorious with a score of 4-3.”





Cross Country

Name: Coach Mike Smith

Years coaching: 17

“This season has been challenging, yet fun, but we will get through it and will be even better next year.”








Name: Coach Steve Valach

Years coaching: 23

“At our first ‘normal’ home game since 2019, we had band, drill, and fans cheering on, which reminded me how special it is to coach at Liberty.”