Allyson Phung, Sports Editor

Girls Volleyball 

Name: Coach Andy Fickert

Years at Liberty: 12

“I love coaching girl’s volleyball because it is incredible to work with such amazing girls and watch them improve over time.”


Boys Golf 

Name: Coach John Kinsley

Years coaching: 14

“I was able to see Calvin Cakarnis (9) hit a hole in one right in front of me, which was an incredible sight to see.”   


Boy’s Tennis 

 Name: Coach Carola Dopps

Years coaching: 4

Has been coaching at Liberty for four years.

“The players are great kids, and they have energy and love to play tennis. It makes my day to come out here and coach the kids.”


Girl’s Swim and Dive 

Name: Coach Kris Daughters

Years Coaching: 25

“I coach a senior–Natalie Tan– who is a pretty quiet and reserved girl who qualified for KingCo championships. It was great to see her hard work pay off.”


Girl’s Soccer 

Name: Coach Ryan Johnson

Years Coaching: 1

“We played a match against Mercer Island, and we were down 2 -0 in the first half of the game, but as a team, we came together and ended victorious with a score of 4-3.


Cross Country

Name: Coach Mike Smith

Years coaching: 17

“This season has been challenging, yet fun, but we will get through it and will be even better next year.”



Name: Coach Steve Valach

Years coaching: 23

“At our first ‘normal’ home game since 2019, we had band, drill, and fans cheering on, which reminded me how special it is to coach at Liberty.”