The spirit of sports: A collection of Liberty sports traditions

Paige Bajsarowicz, Sports Editor

Whether it’s throwing a heartfelt party for the seniors on your team, or superstitiously wearing a single clothing item repeatedly, traditions are practically part of every athlete’s experience. Perhaps it’s the spirit of the game, but tradition is something that various sports teams cling to, and Liberty athletes are no exception.

Football: Between motivational pregame chanting and beating their pads in the locker room, the Liberty Football team lacks anything but spirit. For years, the coaches and athletes have adopted various traditions to encourage positivity and inspiration among the team. This includes the act of etching significant words or phrases, such as “All in,” into a stone that the entire team then walks past and taps prior to each game. “The purpose behind these traditions is to instill various meaningful lessons into the team. They push us to play even harder and get us in the mindset of the game,” said sophomore Luke Antipow.

Softball: While heartfelt traditions may be scarce among some teams, they are plentiful on the Liberty Softball team. In fact, one of the most anticipated celebrations of each year is the passing of gear from seniors to underclassmen. Essentially, seniors gift their personal belongings, such as spirit wear, to the underclassmen on the team. Another tradition many seniors experience is “joke” awards, in which athletes reward each other for their humorous qualities or skills. Sophomore Lauren Bauge describes these customs as “traditions meant to celebrate the team as well as our spirit as a whole. They make the season more enjoyable and bring the athletes closer together.”

Golf: Though golf is primarily an individual sport, the Liberty Golf team radiates spirit.  Each season, golf athletes plan senior night celebrations, tie dye shirts together, and even receive gag gifts from their coach, Michelle Warlick. “All the traditions are in place to unite the team and create union across the different grades and skill levels, as well as create a positive and supportive environment for all players,” Liberty golf captain Abbey Adams said.



Quiz: How well do you know Liberty athletics?

1. In which sport do the seniors bleach their hair?

a.  Cross country          b.  Wrestling          c.   Soccer        d.   Baseball        

2. In which event did Anna Grabowski break the Liberty record this season?

a. 1600m          b.  800m          c.  5000m         d.   400m

3. How many captains does the golf team have?

a. 2          b.   1         c.   3        d.   4

4. On which day does the track team receive candy?

a. Wednesday          b.    Monday        c.   Friday        d.  Tuesday 

5. Which season 3 sport only has one senior athlete?

a. Volleyball          b.  Soccer          c.   Tennis        d.   Golf


Answers: 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-c, 5-c