Summer Workouts

Olivia Briggs, Editorial Board Member

With school ending and summer nearing, you may be looking for a way to stay in shape without PE or Liberty sports.

Here are two workouts for you to use to get started.

The first is a workout specified for the upper body and abs, while the second workout is a lower body workout.


Upper Body/Abs

10 pushups

15 crunches

15 plank twists

10 pushups

15 russian twist

20 bicycles

10 pushups

15 v-ups

25 tricep dips


Lower Body

25 squats

15 glute bridge

10 jump squats

15 donkey kick

25 squats

10 lunges

10 jump squats


If you’re looking for something a little more intense, you can up the amount of reps/rounds or add weights.

Now that you know some simple exercises, you can take the ones you like and write your own workouts. Have a great summer Patriots!