Q and A with Girls Basketball Senior Athlete: Lexi Sparrow

Paige Bajsarowicz, Sports Editor

Q: To begin, can you tell me a little about the team?

A: Currently, we have head coach Jamie and assistant coach Travis. They’ve done a lot for us as a team, and I really admire their respect for effort and hard work. In regards to players, I think it’s awesome that we have girls in every grade on varsity because it introduces a little diversity on the team.

Q: How has this season compared to previous seasons? How is the pandemic impacting the season so far?

A: I’ve never experienced a basketball season like this one before. The biggest difference is how short it is compared to the normal season. I feel like we just started, but in reality, we don’t have much time left.

Q: What were some challenges that the team is facing this season?

A: The biggest difference is the shortened season: it doesn’t give you a lot of time to develop as a player and especially not as a team. We also don’t get to compete in districts or state, which is unfortunate because that’s always been my favorite part of the season. I’m just thankful we are able to safely get out onto the court and play the game we all love.

Q: In your opinion, what was the highlight of the season?

A: I think my personal highlight of the season will be senior night because I’ve been looking forward to it since freshman year. This year’s seniors are special because we’ve all been playing together since at least fourth grade. We’ve been able to watch each other grow and develop as athletes over the many years spent together. It will be meaningful getting to celebrate one another for all the hard work we’ve put into this game.