Beating the break blues

Samuel Battis, Staff Writer


“That’s all for today, class!” Upon hearing those magic words, relief is quickly replaced by confusion. What exactly is one supposed to do for ten minutes in the middle of the school day? 

Freshman Christiana Breuel has an answer. “I get up and move around enough to get my legs awake,” she said. “It always helps me clear my head and be more focused when I get back to schoolwork.”

This phenomenon is nothing new. A study conducted by Leeds Metropolitan University concluded that on days that employees exercised, they not only experienced less stress, but were also more alert and productive.

Some less traditional forms of exercise have an extra mental impact. Many underestimate its importance, but according to Harvard Medical School, adults should stretch two to three times a week and before exercise, l. Yoga’s ability to relax both the body and mind may be of special value during trying times such as the pandemic.

Surprisingly, yoga has never been mentioned by name in a Liberty Social Emotional Learning presentation, but counting references to exercise or mindfulness, it clocks in at seven, which is practically begging for the class to be condensed to weekly pilates.

Regardless of the class, digital school offers students unprecedented control over their time usage. So, next time you find yourself spacing out in a breakout room, drop and do 20. It might just become the highlight of your day.

Source: Psychology Today