After a year, sports are finally back

Olivia Briggs, Editorial Board Member

The start of sports seasons has been a confusing time for Liberty athletes thanks to Covid-19. Luckily, it seems as though we’ve finally got a plan.

Season one sports—including Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Swim and Dive, and Girl’s Soccer—started their seasons on March 1.

All these sports will have a season of around five weeks long, including practices and competitions. Sports schedules in seasons two and three are still being decided.

Understandably, there are some people who are worried about starting sports in the presence of Covid-19. However, Liberty sports are doing all they can to stay Covid-19 safe.

“We have masks, and even though it’s hard to breathe, we definitely work through it,” senior varsity volleyball player Milan Coate said. “Also, now the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams play separately.”

Masks, social distancing, and separation of teams are a few of the many protocols put in place to keep athletes safe.

“I’m on the swim team, and we have to stay spread apart by lanes,” sophomore varsity swimmer Keira Pham said. “We also enter and exit through different doors to avoid contact with people outside our team.”

But indoor sports were not the only ones affected by Covid-19 rules.

“We’re not allowed to give each other hugs because of Covid-19. We also stay six feet apart and leave masks on while we run,” junior cross country team captain Anna Grabowski said.

In addition, some competitions between schools are going to be held virtually, such as for swim meets, the two teams swim in different pools and their scores are uploaded online to add up and compare. 

Other sports, such as volleyball, are able to compete safely in person.

Our competing schools are also limited to schools in King County.

Despite these major differences compared to typical sports seasons, Liberty athletes are ready to get started. 

“I think it’s going to be a good season. Everybody’s pretty good. I’m really pumped,” Coate said.

After so long away from our sports, athletes are excited to finally see their teammates again and get training.

“I’m glad everyone’s enforcing and following these rules to keep us safe,” Pham said. “And I’m very happy to be back.”