Gymnastics: confidence is key


Elizabeth Yan, Editorial Board Member

Lack of confidence is out of season. The gymnastics team has already begun working towards a healthier mindset!
As a new addition to the team, gymnastics coach Elyssa Daum has many ideas to contribute. After previously being a Liberty gymnast and assistant coach, she feels that being an alumni gives her an advantage.
“I think it is hard for anybody to be in a new role, but it helps that I am familiar with the gym culture and traditions,’’ Daum said.
With her past experiences in mind, Daum is making some major changes to practice. She has begun to incorporate mental exercises into practice hours to strengthen the gymnasts’ self-esteem.
“Gymnastics is a physically and mentally demanding sport,” Daum explained. “I believe sport psychology or mental skills training can be beneficial for any athlete, but especially for gymnasts. Many gymnasts experience mental blocks, negative self-talk, and performance anxiety. I can help with that.”
In order to train her gymnasts’ minds to avoid anxiety and stress, she uses goal-setting, relaxation, visualization, and many more techniques to help.
“It really helps,” sophomore Trixie Nguyen said. “I feel a lot more confident in my ability to perform and compete.” With so much to work on and learn about, the gymnastics team is enthusiastic about the new season to come.