Girls soccer adopts a new tradition


Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor

Passing the ball isn’t the only connection the girls soccer team has. Looking for their third state title in 3 years, the team decided to add something new to the squad.
“So the three H’s, that’s what we call it, is brand new this year and it’s kind of a way my coach and everyone gets to know each other a lot more,” senior captain Myka Carr said.
Every Monday or Wednesday, Coach Tammy Newman chooses one player at random to share a hero, a hardship, and a highlight with the rest of the team.
“The goal of it is to get to know each other on a deeper level,” sophomore Ashley Kirschner said.
Through these “three H’s” senior Samantha Garcia hopes to open up about her experience. Last year during finals week, she found out she would need to have open heart surgery.
“I had been having blood pressure issues the past four years but last year it was really bad,” Garcia said. “It was really shocking. Not anything we expected. Definitely interrupted the summer.”
Garcia had to abandon her love for softball and soccer to keep herself safe through these scary times. She now helps manage the girls varsity team, helping with practice and going to games.
“Even though I’m not on the team, they make me feel like I’m on the team. It’s really awesome,” Garcia said.
Garcia had a special connection to the new hardship, hero and highlight tradition.
“I think it’s really important to know that everyone’s struggling in life…and knowing that you have someone there to help you,” Garcia said.
Garcia’s commitment to the team has been noticed by others.
“She’s dedicated. She’s out there all the time,” senior Alex Wolbert said.
She also encourages her teammates to work their hardest and never give up when they’re struggling.
“She’s really supportive. She comes to every single practice and does as much as she can,” sophomore Ashley Kirschner said.
The girls on the varsity soccer team have an unbreakable bond.
“We’re a family,” Garcia said. “We’re really close.”