Liberty volleyball gets their moment in the spotlight

Kaitlyn Keyes, Photography Editor

For many people, being on television is little more than a fantasy, a remnant of every little boy or girl’s dream to one day become famous. But for the Liberty girls volleyball team, this fantasy isn’t just a dream anymore.
The team’s game against Hazen aired on NFHS Network at 10:15 p.m. on September 23. While exciting for the Liberty volleyball program, this caused some nerves amongst the players.
“It’s definitely stressful, but I think that if we just focus on the game, we’ll be fine,” senior co-captain Allison Kim said. “Whatever the outcome, I’ll be proud of my girls,”
Though these nerves are to be expected, the game presented a unique opportunity for the girls to experience the feeling of participating in a professionally recorded match.
“I’m kind of nervous, but I think that it’ll be fun,” senior co-captain Sydney Hopewell said. “We’ve always had a little rivalry with Hazen, but if we play with a lot of energy and intensity, I think we’ll do well.”
The team proved this during the game and ended up winning three back-to-back sets in a quick and exciting game.
“Getting another win has been great for team morale, and we’re hoping to continue the momentum throughout our season,” junior Gabrielle Parrish said.
Going forward, the team is focusing on working together, and with seven seniors out of 12 total players, is becoming a more cohesive unit to include the newer players.
“With so many seniors, it definitely helps us build up the younger girls and teach them to be confident on the court,” senior co-captain Lauren Gillespie said. “We’re definitely learning how to come together as a team and play the best we can.”